Terms of work

  1. If additional project requirements that were not addressed in the Proposal or Statement of Work arise during consultation, Sitelabs retains the right to adjust costs accordingly.
  1. If a task is charged based on a maximum number of hours, Sitelabs will only invoice for the actual time spent. If the task requires additional time beyond the approved maximum due to new client requests, previously unknown requirements, additional complexity, or a change of scope, Sitelabs will discuss the additional time required or any compromises needed to complete the agreed deliverable with the client in advance.
  1. Hosting fees, if applicable, are to be paid in advance for a 12-month period.
  1. Payment terms are 50% invoiced at the project commencement, and the remaining 50% upon successful completion and sign-off. Alternative payment arrangements may be negotiated by mutual agreement.
  1. All invoices must be paid within 14 days of the date of issue. If the customer fails to make full payment without a valid reason or agreement, Sitelabs may charge interest at a rate equal to the current ATO benchmark interest rate.
  1. Any additional requests outside the Proposal or Statement of Work will be charged at Sitelabs’s standard hourly rate. Sitelabs will inform the client in advance if additional fees are incurred.
  1. Content insertion services are not included in any project unless explicitly stated.
  1. If the client puts an authorised project on hold for reasons beyond Sitelabs’s control after commencement, Sitelabs reserves the right to re-quote or charge a nominal fee for additional project management and expenses required to stop and restart the project.
  1. If the client authorises Sitelabs to proceed with development before the formal issue and approval of the Technical and/or functional Specification document(s), the client assumes all associated risks and any costs for re-work, including re-work and/or changes to project scope. Any such re-work will be charged on a Time & Materials basis to deliver additional changes to the specifications or actual development work.
  1. Any third-party fees or expenses incurred will be billed to the client at cost.
  1. Sitelabs reserves the right to make an increase to rates but any rate increase would be discussed in advance.
  1. All prices are in Australian dollars and exclude GST. The quote is valid for 90 days. If the decision to proceed is beyond 90 days of the delivery of the Proposal or Statement of Work, Sitelabs may review the total cost.
  1. To complete the deliverables as outlined, Sitelabs requires access to the client’s resources, information, and personnel. Any delay in providing access may delay the delivery of the project. Sitelabs will inform the client in advance if any delay may incur additional costs.
  1. Sitelabs will rectify any errors in the agreed deliverables developed by Sitelabs, free of charge, during the Warranty Period. Outside the Warranty Period, fixes, changes, support, or additions of any kind, shall be regarded as services to be provided by Sitelabs and will incur additional charges. The Warranty Period is 120 days from the release of the particular software or change request to the production environment or from Acceptance in UAT, whichever occurs first.
  1. Sitelabs reserves the right to display publicly that it has performed the services outlined for the client, unless otherwise agreed in any overriding contract or agreement. Please inform Sitelabs if you do not want this information to be displayed. No commercially sensitive information will be publicised unless otherwise agreed.
  1. By engaging Sitelabs resources, the client acknowledges that no direct employment approaches may be made to Sitelabs staff without first consulting a Sitelabs Director. The client may not directly or indirectly engage a Sitelabs resource for 12 months after an engagement concludes. The client will pay up to a 20% recruitment fee on any employment by the client of Sitelabs resources not previously agreed to in writing by Sitelabs.