Logo Design

Get a quality logo designed for your business

Quality logos designed for your brand


Tailored Made

Your logo will be designed to display your branding style, design and message


Custom Designs

Our logos are custom once-off designs that are crafted by a skilled graphics designer.


High Quality Vector File

You'll get a high-quality vector file that can be used for everything from print, webpages and more.

Affordable local design firm

Don’t pay for a cookie-cutter logo that uses the same icon as 100 other businesses. Get a quality logo that won’t break the bank. Our logo design service is high quality but is affordable for small and medium businesses.

Local Website Design

Common FAQs about our SEO service

Yes! We’re a small digital agency based in Melbourne. We are not an offshore company pretending to be Australia. All work is invoiced.

We will have an initial consultation to understand your business, brand and what it stands for before we commerce work on your logo.

Cheap isn’t always best, especially for logo design services. When you get your logo designed for $5 online, you’ll end up having the same icon, or logo as thousands of other businesses as these services provide cookie cutter logos. We only design custom once-off logos so that our clients can be confident that their logo is unique.

We do not provide complete logo redos as a lot of work goes into the design of a logo. A lot of consideration goes into the design of a logo and it will always take into account all the information provided during the consultation stage.

Would you like to start a project with us?

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