Restaurant Web Design

Melbourne restaurant web design & development company

Complete menu, ordering & delivery system.

Your website will be built with a suitable CMS based off your websites purpose as well as your business’ needs and budget. We always employ best practice when designing websites for our clients.


Business website design

Responsive Ordering

We build websites designed to work on desktop, tablet or mobile which means that your customers will be able to order from any device.

No Commission On Orders

Bypass the exorbitant fees charged from middlemen food-ordering platforms and sell to your customers directly.

Delivery & Pickup

Customers can place an order and organise on checkout to pickup the meal or have it delivered to their door.

Restaurant website design process


1. Research & Plan

We understand what restaurants need but will need to consult with you to understand how we can tailor your website to your branding, style and vision.


2. Develop Website

Your restaurant website will be designed on WordPress alongside another ordering CMS. Our developers will connect all systems to ensure smooth orders.


3. Test & Deliver

Your completed website will be thoroughly tested prior to delivery. Our team will go through a detailed checklist to ensure that your website works as promised.

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Common FAQs about our web design

Yes, we are an Australian digital agency based in Melbourne that specialises in restaurant website design. All work is invoiced with an ABN and GST.

If a client wishes to have a website completed quickly, then they will need to make sure that they have all the necessary media and information required on hand.

For most restaurant websites, the average lead time is anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

The orders made on your website will require you to pay no commission, meaning you could save thousands and possibly tens of thousands in commission paid to platforms every month.

Investing in a website with us could also streamline the ordering process by enabling clients to order directly online for pickup saving your staff precious time in writing down orders manually.

For our clients that decide to build a restaurant website with us, we have ongoing hosting and maintenance at an additional cost which allows restaurant owners to submit their menu changes items.

Our team specialises in the platforms WordPress, WooCommerce, Gloriafoods and Shopify. We focus on these CMS’s as they offer businesses a high degree of customisation and functionality.

We have SEO functionality in built but do not perform keyword research or optimisation prior to completing a website build. SEO optimisation requires long term planning and implementation for website owners and is something we provide as an additional ongoing service.

Looking to build or refresh your website?

Speak with our website experts to discuss how we can build you a modern website.